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All Canadian Show 2024
June 27th-28th 2024
Part One
Alexisonfire- “Hey, It’s Your Funeral Mama”
Gutter King- Make Believe
The Gorgeous- Shy Guys
Every Hour Kills- Euclidean
Brand Of Sacrifice- Eclipse
Basterds- A Place To Call Hell
ONI- Aura (feat Howard Jones)
Tidebringer- Hell (ft Kala)
Part Two
Baptized In Blood- Up Shirts, Down Skirts
The Parallel- Who I’ve Become
Fronteries- Nightmares
Obey The Brave- Balance
Greta Knights- Red Virus
Despised Icon- MVP
Beneath The Massacre- Reign Of Terror
2 Shadows- Fading From Misery
A Sight For Sewn Eyes- Jacuzzi
Part Three
Dead And Divine- San Dimas
The Healing- Hollow Earth
Beguiler- Incarnadine
Falsifier- I Am Death
Single Wound- Flesh & Bone
Silverstein- Smile In Your Sleep
The Holly Springs Disaster- My Pet Monster
Part Four
Straight Reads The Line- The Jig Is Up
Blindwitness- All Alone
A Textbook Tragedy- Stay Out Of Riverdale
Boys Night Out- I Got Punched In The Face For Sticking My Nose In Other People’s Business
Serration- A Suicide Note In MIDI Format (ft Emma Boster)
Spiritbox- Circle WIth Me
Dancing With Paris- Plurals
Counterparts- Only Anchors

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