Gruesome Geddes dressed as The Grinch with Dog Of Wisdom in the background and Woody the Christmas Tree

Anger Management Radio (new Metal for December 2023)

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AIR DATE: December 1st 2023

First Hour LINK
Monument Of A Memory- Endless Winter (Nightcore)
Frontieries- Au Revoir
Cliffside- Cult
Future Static- The Hourglass
Burn The Evidence- Night Terror 
Curses- Tempest
Single Wound- Whisper In The Wind
Dead By April- Break My Fall (ft Samuel Ericcson)
Descape- Still Care
Descape X Polygraph X Burning Attic X Fronteries X Saviours- Underground
Patient Sixty-Seven- Little Drummer Boy
Danny Worsnop X Jared Dines- You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch
Ice Nine Kills- Merry Axe-Mas
Still Stayer- Tunnel Vision
After The Burial- Nothing Gold

Hour Two Link
The Browning- Poison
Crown Of The Abyss- Risen
Gutter King- Truth Serum
Dead Days- Death Song
Alpha Wolf- Bring Back The Noise
The Northern- Drown
Devolver- Jewels Of The Maw
Nik Nocturnal- Ghost Sphere (ft Harper)
Brand Of Sacrifice- Dynasty
Left To Suffer- Consitant Suffering
Rotnest- Mono
Body Prison- Dogma
If I Were You- Downfall
Fit For A King- Locked In My Head
For The Fallen Dreams- Two Graves