Gruesome with Christmas Skibidi Toilets and the words Ski-BLEGH-DI

Anger Management Radio Show (Today's New Metal)

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AIR DATE: November 10th 2023
Hour One LINK
AURAS- Somnia
The Ghost Inside- Death Grip
Tidebringer- Hatewatching
Spiritbox- Too Close/ Too Late
ONI- Underneath My Skin (feat Kellin Quinn)
Unprocessed- Glass
Pressures- Feel Something
UMC- Coco Jambo (Mr.President)
Electric Callboy- Everytime We Touch (Tekkno Version)
Silent Planet- :Signal: 
Shields- Bury Me
Nik Nocturnal- Ghost Sphere (Feat Harper)
Dying Wish- Symptoms Of Survival
Impending Doom- Eternal
Erra- Pale Iris

Ice Nine Kills- Meat & Greet
Single Wound- Whisper In The Wind
Gutter King- Truth Serum
I See Aura- Ill
Face Yourself- Guillotine
As The Structure Fails- Backdown
Dematerialize- The Abyss Below
SPITE- Thank You, Again
Loversteeth- Feign
Darko US- Rampage
Paleface Swiss-The Gallow
Left To Suffer- Consitant Suffering
Momument Of A Memory- Endless Winter (Nightcore)
Passcode- Groundswell
Johnny Ciardullo (Carcosa)- All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey)