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Air Date: Friday September 8th 2023
Hour One Link
Tidebringer- No King
Spiritbox- Jaded
2 Shadows- Fading From Misery
Descape- Still Care
The Northern- Usurper
Pressures- Break The Dawn
Hollow Front- We’re All Left Suffering
SeeYouSpaceCowboy- Rhythm And Rapture (feat Nothing,Nowhere)
Erra- Pale Iris
Memphis May Fire- Misery (feat Atreyu)
Born Of Osiris- Torchbearer
VCTMS- Twist The Rage
Dark Divine- Terrifier
Resolve- Older Days (feat ten56, Paleface Swiss)
After The Burial- Nothing Gold
Hour Two Link
ONI- Underneath My Skin (feat Kellin Quinn)
Kalyptra- Just Plain Nasty (feat Mike Armstrong)
Dragoncorpse- Blood And Stones
Nick Nocturnal- Obscurity (feat Alex Terrible)
Pale Sky- Hell To The Liars
Carnifex- Death’s Forgotten Children (feat Tom Barber)
Lorna Shore- This Is Hell (2023)
Polaris- With Regards
Bilmuri- ANABOLIC SPUDSMAN (THIQUE EDITION) (feat Spencer Stewert & Will Ramos)
She Must Burn- The Rats In The Walls
What’s He Building In There?- Avian Taxi