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Ladies Of Metal 2024

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Ladies Of Metal 2024
Air Date: Friday March 8th 2024
Hour One LINK
Future Palace- Paradise
Not Enough Space- No Way Out
Kittie- Eyes Wide Open
The Ocean Cure- Huntress
Harper- Weight Of The World (ft We Came As Romans & Brand Of Sacrifice)
Nik Nocturnal- Ghost Sphere (ft Harper)
SeeYouSpaceCowboy- Silhouettes In Motion
Shark Infested Daughters- Tidebringer
Eternal Closure- Reduced To Silence
Future Static-  Chemical Lobotomy
Red Handed Denial- Cloud 9
I Met A Yeti- Opulence (ft Pulses)
VEXED- Anti-Fetish
Volatile Ways- Time’s Up
Entheos- Absolute Zero
The Anchor- Masterpiece
Hour Two Link
Jinjer- Pisces
Make Them Suffer- Contraband (ft Courtney LaPlante)
Spiritbox- Jaded
Serration- A Suicide Note In MIDI Format (ft Emma Boster)
Dying Wish- Torn From Your Silhouette 
Face Yourself- Death Reflections (ft Funeral Wake)
Thousand Knives- Daggers
Pupil Slicer- No Temple
I Hate Sally- Hannah, Hannah
Passode- Groundswell
Call The Cavalry- CODA
The Agonist (The Tempest)- …And Their Eulogies Sang Me To Sleep
Terminal Sleep- Death Therapy
She Must Burn- Eulogy


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