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New Metal For November 2023

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Air Date: Friday November 3rd 2023
Hour One LINK
Adam In The Bayou- Snakes, Like The Animal?
As The Structure Fails- In Vain
ONI- Aura (feat Howard Jones, Josh Gilbert)
DARKO US- Rampage
Spiritbox- Cellar Door
Hollow Front- Over The Cradle
Hollow Front- Were All Left Suffering
Sentinels– Nomadic
Bilmuri- Anabolic Spudsman (THIQUE EDITION feat Spencer Stewart & Will Ramos)
I See Aura- Ill 
SeeYouSpaceCowboy- Chewing The Scenery
Gutter King- Truth Serum
ENOX- Inferno
The Browning- Poison
Designer Disguise- Wannabe (Spice Girls Cover)
Hour Two Link
Descape x Polygraph x Burning Attic x Fronteries x Saviours- Underground
2 Shadows- Marionette (feat Veer Union)
Face Yourself- Dead To Me (feat Jynx)
Dead By April- Hurricane (feat The Day We Left Earth)
Jiluka- Venom
Nik Nocturnal X Will Ramos- Demolisher 
Brand Of Sacrifice- Exodus
Carcosa- Nothing
Observants- Death Brings Us Life
Resolve- Older Days (feat ten56, Paleface Swiss)
Year Of The Knife- Heaven Denied
Terminal Sleep- Death Therapy
Bleeding Through- Love Lost In A Hale Of Gunfire (2023)
She Must Burn- Eulogy