PEI Sessions 3 (The Anger Management Radio Show) Metal/Comedy

PEI Sessions 3 (The Anger Management Radio Show) Metal/Comedy

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Part One
Unprocessed- Lore
All That Remains- Let You Go
Our Hollow, Our Home- Funeral Verse
Fronteries- Trajectorie 
Derelict- Versus Entropy
Pressures- Crave
Pressures- Hypnotized
ONI- Silence In A Room Of Lies (ft Jared Dines)

Part Two
CULLED- Halo Of Flies
Baby Metal X Electric Callboy- RATATATA
Earthists- ULTRABLUE
Oceano- Wounds Never Healed
The Black Dahlia Murder- Aftermath
Jiluka- S4VAGE

Part Three
Art Of Attrition- Vitriol 
Beguiler- incarnadine
Despised Icon- In The Arms Of Perdition
Baptized In Blood- Dirty’s Back
Vulvodynia- Adamaster (feat Bodysnatcher)
Carcosa- Born To Lose

Part Four
Wolves At The Gates- Sweetness (Jimmy Eat World cover)
Hollow Front- Save Yourself
The Luminary- Control
Trivium- Like Light To The Flies
Gwen Stacy- Gone Fishing, See You Next Year
Veil Of Maya- It’s Not Safe To Swim Today
All Shall Perish- Awaken The Dreamers


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