PEI SESSIONS: The Anger Management Radio Show June 6-7th 2024

PEI SESSIONS: The Anger Management Radio Show June 6-7th 2024

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Designer Disguise- Sexy And I Know It (LMFAO Cover)
Bad Omens X ERRA- Anything > Human
Thrown- Look At Me
Gutter King- It’s All In Your Head
Bury Tommorow- Villain Arc
Eaten By Sharks- Depth Charge
In Hearts Wake- Orphan (the devil)
Nik Nocturnal- Devour (feat For The Fallen Dreams)

Forbidden Order- The End Of Lies
The Fractured- Headspace
SEAGRAVE- Leader Of The Pack
SeeYouSpaceCowboy- Chewing The Scenery
 AXTY- Emptiness Within (ft Taylor Barber of Left To Suffer)
Beartooth- Sunshine!
Crystal Lake- BludGod (Ft Taylor Barber)
Gutrectomy- Rough Justice

I Met A Yeti- Cthuwu (ft Deviin)
Left To Suffer- Make It Out Alive (ft Darius Of Spite)
Cliffside- Hindsight
Nathan James X Paleface Swiss- Secrets Of The Shadows
I See Aura- Pyramid Sky
Pound Of Flesh- Wraith (ft Casey of Angelmaker)
Angelmaker- In Dying Days (As Blood Runs Black Cover)

Part Four
Knocked Loose- Suffocate (ft Poppy)
Counterparts- Unwavering Vow
Tidebringer- No King
The Browning- HIVEMIND
Wage War- NAIL5
Silent Planet- Annuaki
Misery Signals- The Year Summer Ended In June
From Autumn To Ashes- Royal Crown VS Blue Dutchess


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