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The Anger Management Radio Show (How To Start A Moshpit)

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Air Date: September 29th 2023
Hour One LINK
Nik Nocturnal- 578 (feat Left To Suffer)
Wolves At The Gate- Sweetness (Jimmy Eat World Cover)
Cliffside- Cult
Silent Planet- Anunnaki
Gutter King- It’s All In Your Head
The Browning- Poison
Hooker Spit- White Lighter
Annisokay- Ultraviolet
Isolate Peaks- Ravenspeak
ONI- Silhouette
Not Enough Space- No Way Out
Neverland In Ashes- Unparalyze
Volatile Ways- Pink Mist Wish List
Guilt Trip- Eyes Wide Shut
Guilt Trip- Sweet Dreams (feat Landmvrks)
Left To Suffering- Consistant Suffering 
Hour Two Link
Spiritbox- Jaded
Heart Of A Coward- Passenger
Serration- Shroud of Gnarled Tongues
Nik Nocturnal- Savage Mutilation (feat Chaney Crabb)
Single Wound- Drop The Knife (feat Tommy Wood)
The Burden- Deathbed Daydream
Dying Wish- The Path To Your Grave
Dark Divine- Terrifier 
Hailrose- CRIMSON.EXO (feat Daisuke Raf Nagasawa)
Pressures- Feel Something
Erra- Pale Iris
Hollow Front- Breaking Teeth
Fit For A King- End (The Other Side)
Gideon- I Will Carry You
Funeral For A Friend- Bullet Theory
The Hurt Process- Opinion