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The Anger Management Radio Show (May 9th 2024) (New Metal/Alternative)

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Air Date: MAY 9TH-10TH 2024
Part One
She Must Burn- The Rats In The Walls
2 Shadows- Mad God
Red Handed Denial- My Demise
Rising Insane- Burn
All The Remains- Divine
ONI- Underneath My Skin (ft Kellin Quinn)
Dal Av- Racing The Parallel
Thousand Knives- SPENT
Part Two 
Our Hollow, Our Home- Veil Walker
Nik Nocturnal- Architect
Austrian Death Machine- No Pain, No Gain (ft Craig Golias, Angel Vivaldi)
Serration- Shroud Of Gnarles Tongues
Wiltwither- Become One (ft Carson Pace of Callous Daoboys)
Wage War- Nail5
STELLVRIS- Echoes Of The Past
Erra- Crawl Backwards Out Of Heaven
Part Three
Distant- Loveless Suffering
Fronteries- Mirage (ft Alpha Wolf)
Vulvodynia- Entabeni (ft PeelingFlesh) 
SEWN- Heartworm
Knull (PEI)- Wet Funeral
Dead Days- ROT
The Burden- Losing Your Exterior
Part Four
The Ghost Inside- Death Grip
Cliffside- Cult
Left To Suffer- Consistent Suffering
Tallah- For The Recognition
Veil Of Maya- Punisher
Parkway Drive- Boneyards
I Killed The Prom Queen- Sharks In Your Mouth
Bilmuri- Melancholy 


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