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Air Date: May 30-31st 2024 
Part One Link
As I Lay Dying- Burden
The Curse Within- Ascension
Fronteries- Trajectorie
Necrophagist- Stabwound
Entheos- Life In Slow Motion
Hollow Front- We’re All Left Suffering

Part Two Link
Basterds- Deathstrand
Invent, Animate- How We Used To Say Goodbye
No Light Escapes- Fate/Fear
Red Handed Denial- Smokescreen
Crystal Lake- BlÜdGod
Thousand Knives- Feed
BabyMetalXElectric Callboy- RATATATA
Knocked Loose- Slaughter House 2 (feat Chris Motionless)

Part Three Link

Slaughter To Prevail- Kid Of Darkness
Kublai Khan (TX)- Low Tech
Cruel Intent- Rot In Agony
Single Wound- Strength In Numbers
Single Wound- Death Is A Kindness
Volatile Ways- The Invocation Of Doom
Like Moths To Flames- Kintsugi
Berried Alive- Petrified Orange

Part Four Link
Bound In Fear- Sentenced
Crown Of The Abyss- Tyranus
Signs Of The Swarm- Amongst The Low & Empty
TRENCH- Be All End All
TRENCH- Encased In Chrome
TRENCH- Sharpened Narcotics
Misery Signals- Five Years
My Children My Bride- Circle The Sky
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