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The Anger Management Radio Show (November 2023 Metal Top 40)

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Friday Novemeber 24th 2023
Hour One Link
Our Last Night- Bring Me To Life (Evanescence cover)
Bloom- Maybe In Another Life
Gutter King- It’s All In Your Head
Fronteries- Au Revior
Adam In The Bayou- Snakes, Like The Animal
The Luminary- Divergence
Neverland In Ashes- Alien
The Northern- Drown
ONI- Spark (ft Sueco)
Axty- Take Me Down
If I Were You- Downfall
August Burns Red- Up On The Housetop
Knosis-厄災 (Yakusai)
I See Stars- D4MAGE DONE
Hour Two Link
Sailing Before The Wind- Decades
Tidebringer- One Step Over (ft Sailing Before The Wind)
Texas In July- Digital Hellscape
As The Structure Fails- Backdown
Impending Doom- In The End
Auras- Somnia
Stain The Canvas- Condemned (ft Tyler Smith of The Word Alive)
Cliffside- Forever
Bleeding Through- On Wings Of Lead
Serration- A Suicide Note In MIDI Format (Ft. Emma Boster of Dying Wish)
Body Prison- Until Madness
Decayer- Your Shadow
Spiritbox- Jaded
Dark Divine- Terrifier
A Day To Remember- Fast Foward To 2012 (2023 Remaster)
A Day To Remember- A Shot In The Dark (2023 Remaster)