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Air Date: May 2nd/3rd 2024 
Part One
The Browning- Hivemind
Born Of Osiris- Elevate
Black Veil Brides- Bleeders
Gutter King- It’s All In Your Head
Dream On, Dreamer- F.E.A.R
Red Handed Denial- One More Night
Dragoncorpse- A Quest For Truth

Part Two
Tidebringer- Hell (ft Kala)
Tidebringer- No King
DeadVectors- Dark Sun (feat Corey King of Insidual)
SingleWound- Flesh & Bone
Knocked Loose- Suffocate (feat Poppy)
Future Static- Gasolina (Daddy Yankee Cover)
State Faults- Moon Sign Gemini
Capstan- Live Bait

Rain City Drive- Medicate Me (feat Dayseeker)
ONI- Aura (feat Howard Jones)
Wasted Flesh- Feast Upon The Weakest (ft Gryffin of Null Existence)
Carcosa- Born To Lose
Bodysnatcher- Human Disdain
Veil Of Maya- Synthwave Vegan
Baited- Fugue State
Still.- Paralyzed

Part 4
Our Hollow, Our Home- Battle X City (feat Samantha Bowers)
A Villians Neverland- Death Bend (ft Nick Cherney of Reject)
Dark Divine- Drown
In Hearts Wake- Hollow Bone
Silent Planet- _signal_
3 Inches Of Blood- Deadly Sinners
Emmure- Solar Flare Homicide 
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