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Anger Management Radio Show April 27th 2024 (New Metal/Core Music)

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Anger Management Radio: Air Date April 25th-26th 2024

Part 1 LINK
Unprocessed- Glass
The Ghost Inside- Light Years
In Hearts Wake- Hollow Bone (the world)
Auras- Somnia
Knocked Loose- Suffocate (feat Poppy)
Isolate Peaks- Ravenspeak
Pound Of Flesh- Purge (feat Blake Louis Prince)

Part 2 LINK
Thousand Knives- FEED
Thousand Knives- SPENT
A Villians Neverland- Death Bend (Feat Nick Cherny of Reject)
SeeYouSpaceCowboy- Lubricant Like Kerosene (feat Kim Dracula)
SeeYouSpaceCowboy- Chewing The Scenery
Born Of Osiris- Elevate
Sentinels- Glitch
Dreamwake- Memories

Part 3 LINK
The Good Depression- Snakes & Charmers (feat Blake Louis Prince)
Distoriam- Venturing Forth
Bodysnatcher- Severed
The Parallel- Who I’ve Become
Traitors- Break
Earthshatter- W.T.M
I See Aura- Ill (ill)
Fronteries- Nightmares

Part 4 LINK
Left To Suffer- Forever (feat Alejandro Aranda)
If Not For Me- Blameless
Aborted- Death Cult (feat Alex of Despised Icon)
Decayer- Your Shadow
Body Prison- Tunnel Vision
Red I Flight- Late For The Execution
Promises Unsaid- It’s Gonna Be Me (N SYNC Cover)
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