So I Married A Pro Wrestler (Not Really) starring Gruesome Geddes and Rhea Ripley

Air Date January 26th 2024: Today's New Metal/Core/Heavy Alternative/Deathcore

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AIR DATE: Friday January 26th 2024
Hour One Link
Axty- Flowers And Butterflies Lullabye
Half Me- Quitter Talk
2 Shadows- Mad God
ONI- Underneath My Skin (feat Kellin Quinn)
Northlane- Miasma (feat Winston McCall Of Parkway Drive)
Brand Of Sacrifice- Purge
Lost In Seperation- Sabertooth
Descape X Polygraph X Fronteries X Burning Attic X Saviours- Underground
Fronteries- Mirage (Alpha Wolf)
Dreamwake- Memories
Devolver- New Blood
Last Riot- Bleeding Artistry
Defocus- Flatlines
Landmvrks- Creature
Hour Two Link 
If I Were You- Fallen
Renesans- Witch Hunt
Forbidden Order- Feast On This Flesh
Spiritbox- Angel Eyes
Teeth- Hate Me
Divinist- Vicious//Sleeper 2.0
Angelmaker- Suffer Forever
Wishender- Dunavida
Face Yourself- Spineless (feat Monument Of A Memory)
Alpha Wolf- Sucks 2 Suck (feat ICE-T)
Berried Alive- Petrified Orange
As The Structure Fails- Backdown
Fathom- Congregation Of Fools
Currents- Monsters
Killswitch Engage- This Fire Burns (Gruesome Remix)
Parkway Drive- Carrion (Gruesome Remix)