Heavy Music For Altered Times

Anger Management Radio Show April 20th Edition.

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AIR DATE: April 18th-19th 2024
Part 1 Link
Make Them Suffer- Epitaph
Memphis May Fire- Chaotic
Cliffside- Forever
Wage War-Nail5
Wage War- High Horse
Die Another Day- Transcend
The Burden- Deathbed Daydream
Left To Suffer- Forever (ft Alejandro Aranda)

PART 2 Link
Brand Of Sacrifice- Exodus
Red Handed Denial- One More Night
Imminence- Beyond The Pale
The Northern- Drown
Northlane- Let Me Disappear
If I Were You- Fallen
Nothing More- House On Sand (feat Eric V of I Prevail)

Part 3 Link
Angelmaker- Hollow Heart
Dead Days- Rot
Cane Hill- Midnight Sun
Basterds- A Place To Call Hell
Like Moths To Flames- Dissociative Being 
Single Wound- End Of Days
Speak Of The Devil- Formaldehyde And Seek

Part 4 Link
Thrown- Nights
The Luminary- Dead Space
The Contortionist- Contact
Bilmuri- ANABOLIC SPUDSMAN (THIQUE EDITION) ft Spencer Stewart & Lorna Shore
Earthists- Leaves
Coletta- Blossom/Raspberry Cough
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