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The Anger Management Radio Show (Today's Metal Music) April 12th

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Air Date April 11th-12th 2024: 
Part 1 Link
Currents- Monsters
Erra- Slow Sour Bleed
2 Shadows- Fading From Misery
SeeYouSpaceCowboy- Red Wine And Discontent
ONI- Underneath My Skin (Ft Kellin Quinn)
Knocked Loose- Don’t Reach For Me
Spiritbox- Jaded
TIDEBRINGER- Hatewatching
Part 2 LINK
Observants- Sinking
Brand Of Sacrifice- Eclipse
Better Lovers- The Flowering
Future Palace- Uncontrolled
Motionless In White- 570
Axty- Fall Again
Resolve- Older Days (ft ten56, Paleface Swiss)
Part 3 LINK
Make Them Suffer- Epitaph
Angelmaker- Suffer Forever
Signs Of The Swarm- Amongst The Low & Empty
Nik Nocturnal- 578 (feat Left To Suffer)
TAWA (The Animal Warfare Act)- Another Prayer
Red Handed Denial- Parasite
Fronteries- Nightmares
Part 4 LINK
PRESSURES- Feel Something
Alpha Wolf- Haunter
UMC- I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys Cover)
Designer Disguise- Boom Boom Pow (Black Eyed Peas Cover)
For The Fallen Dreams- Bombay
Invent, Animate- Shade Astray
Unprocessed- Thrash
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