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Anger Management Radio Show (New Metal March 2024)

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AIR DATE: Friday March 1st 2024 
First Hour Link
Curses- Werifesteria 
Axty- Fade Away
ONI- Underneath My Skin (ft Kellin Quinn)
Blind Channel- XOXO (ft Ashes To New)
Words Like Wildfire- Shake The Fear (ft Kellin Quinn)
Darkest Hour- A Prayer To The Holy Death
Gutter King- Make Believe
Idols And Illusions- Immersive Decay
Single Wound- Whisper In The Wind
Knocked Loose- Blinding Faith
If I Were You- Fallen
Eternal Closure- Made Of Stone
Bad Omens- V.A.N (ft Poppy)
Austrian Death Machine- No Pain, No Gain
Chelsea Grin- Leave With Us
Hour Two Link
The Bitter Season- Mockingbird
Another Now- HEX
In Dissaray- Damned Soul
 Ten56- Good Morning
Forbidden Order- Feast On This Flesh
Ingested- Pantheon
Humanity’s Last Breath- Labyrinthian
Cereberal Cortex- Museum Of Hatred
Nik Nocturnal X Suicide Silence- Death Smiles
Oceans Ate Alaska- Endless Hollow
Berried Alive- Toxic World
Brand Of Sacrifice- Exodus
Northlane- Miasma (ft Winston McCall of Parkway Drive)
The Holly Springs Disaster- Up In Smoke
Johnny Truant- The Bloodening