Anger Management Radio's Best of 2023 with an assortment of the best memes of 2023

BEST OF 2023! (Top Metal of 2023)

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BEST OF 2023
Hour One Link
Spiritbox- Jaded
Unprocessed- Glass
Pressures- Feel Something
ONI- Underneath My Skin (feat Kellin Quinn)
Tidebringer- No King
Fronteries- Au Reviour
Auras- Somnia
Resolve- Older Days (ten56, Paleface Swiss)
If I Were You- Downfall
The Browning- Poison
The Ghost Inside- Deathgrip
Architects- Seeing Red
Currents- Remember Me
Invent Animate- Shade Astray
Hour Two Link
Hollow Front- We’re All Left Suffering
Brand Of Sacrifice- Purge
Cliffside- Forever
Silent Planet- Signal
Gutter King- It’s All In Your Head
The Plot In You- Forgotten
2 Shadows- Marionette
Chelsea Grin- Leave With Us
Single Wound- Drop The Knife (feat Tommy Wood)
Knocked Loose- Deep In The Willow 
Serration- Shroud Of Gnarled Tongues
SeeYouSpaceCowboy- Chewing The Scenery
Ice Nine Kills- Meat & Greet
I Met A Yeti- Cthuwu (ft Deviin)
Signs Of The Swarm- Amongst The Low & Empty
Sleep Token- The Summoning

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