Gruesome Geddes and Mariah Carey in a Wedding Singer Parody. "We're gonna Party like it's 2024"

First Episode of 2024

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Friday January 12th 2024

Hour One Link
Nik Nocturnal- In Da Club (feat FRONZILLA)
The Curse Within- The Next Life
Bring Me The Horizon- Kool-Aid
Counterparts- Unwavering Vow
Berried Alive- Petrified Orange
Dark Divine- Drown
The Fractured- Headspace
SEAGRAVE- Leader Of The Pack
Bilmuri- ANABOLIC SPUDSMAN (THIQUE EDITION) feat Will Ramos, Spencer Stewart, Lorna Shore)
Shrezzers- Libertad (feat Michael Barr)
Dreamwake- Paradise
Chaldea- Calamity
Left To Suffer- Artificail Anatomy (feat Kim Dracula)

Hour Two Link
Tidebringer- Hatewatching
Drown In Sulfur- Lotus
Humanity's Last Breath- Labyrinthian 
I See Aura- Ill
Auras- Somnia
Auras- Momenta
Brand Of Sacrifice- Purge
Defiler- I’ll Make A Man Out Of You (Mulan)
Knives Exchanging Hands- A Wound A Thirst
BANSHEE- The Angel In The Sound
Pupil Slicer- No Temple
Dying Wish- Torn From Your Silhouette 
Angelmaker- Eternal (feat Evan Robillard)

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