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New Metal/Core Music for January 2024

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AIR DATE: Friday January 19th 2024
Hour One Link HERE
Berried Alive- Petrified Orange
Fit For A King- Keeping Secrets
Fronteries- Deja Vu
If I Were You- Fallen
Descape- Emptiness/Nothingness
Invent Animate- Sleepless Deathbed
Serration- Altar of Guilt
Serration- A Suicide Note In MIDI Format (feat Emma Boster of Dying Wish)
Sable Hills- Odyssey
Sionis- Apotasty
Singlewound- Flesh & Bone
The Browning- Poison
Axty- Flowers And Butterflies Lullabye
Tidebringer- Hatewatching
Unprocessed- Thrash
Hour Two Link HERE
Boys Night Out- I Got Punched In The Nose For Sticking My Face In Other People’s Business
Defocus- Flatlines
Every Hour Kills- Vacua
Ov Sulfur- Hivemind (ft Mental Cruelty)
Gutrectomy- Rough Justice
Nik Nocturnal- Death Smiles (ft Suicide Silence)
The Northern- Drown
Designer Design- Low (Flo-Rida)
My Promise- Into Nothing
Darkest Hour- Societal Bile
The Burden- Lightbulb Mouth Treasure (ft Charles Furney)
Ingested- Paragon of Purity
Knives Exchanging Hands- Your Fight Is Over
Bilmuri- myfeelingshavefeelings