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Anger Management Radio's St. Patty's Day Bash!

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Air Date: Friday March 15th 2024
Hour One LINK
If Not For Me- Blameless
SeeYouSpaceCowboy- Silhouettes In Motion
Nik Nocturnal- Architect (ft Knosis)
Nik Nocturnal- Chokehold (ft Will Ramos) (Sleep Token Cover)
Northlane- Afterimage (ft Ian Kenny)
Allsinners- Cold
Alpha Wolf- Whenever You’re Ready
Adam, In The Bayou- Snakes, Like The Animal?
Nordhiem- I Wish You Were Beer
The Plot In You- Don’t Look Away
Marshmellow X SVDDEN DEATH X Crown The Empire- Fireball
SEWN- Heartworm
Rising Insane- Reign
The Devil Wears Prada- Ritual
Curses- Werifiesta 
Hour Two LINK
Erra- Crawl Backwards Out Of Heaven
Leech (Windsor)- Infernal
BALEFUL- Skinwalker ft Mike Greenwood of Angelmaker
Angelmaker- Suffer Forever
Aborted- Death Cult Feat Despised Icon
Aborted- Brotherhood Of Sleep (ft Johnny of Carcosa)
Carcosa- Restless
Wasted Flesh- Cainhurst Castle Ft Greg Shrine Of Malice
Berried Alive- Petrified Orange
Like Moths To Flames- Kintsugi
Fronteries- Au Revoir
Eluvetie- Bloodstained Ground
Eluvetie- Gray Sublime Archon
Finntroll- Trollhammeren 
Korpikilaani- Ievan Polka



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