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AIR DATE: Friday, March 22nd, 2024
First Hour LINK
Designer Disguise- Wannabe (Spice Girls Cover)
Erra- Crawlbackwards Out Of Heaven
The Ghost Inside- Split
Allsinners- Cold
Half Me- Nothing Left To Lose But The Chains
Nik Nocturnal- Architect
Dragoncorpse- A Quest For Truth
ONI-Silence In A Room Of Lies (ft Jared Dines)
In The Act Of Violence- Dissonant People
Vended- The Far Side
Single Wound- Drop The Knife (ft Tommy Wood)
Our Promise- Hijack
Shields UK- Bury Me
Sentinels- Glitch
Hour Two Link
Austrian Death Machine- No Pain, No Gain
Windwaker- The Wall
Red Handed Denial- Parasite
Fire From The Gods- Soul Revolution (ft Yung Mo$h)
Spiritbox- Angel Eyes
Boundaries- Scars On A Soul
Dead Days- Death Song
Every Hour Kills- Archeron
The Northern- UMBRA (Adam Jasim Remix)
The Browning- Hivemind
Veil Of Maya- Synthwave Vegan
Weeping Wound- Black.magick
Basterds- A Place To Call Hell
Dark Divine- Terrifier
Emmure- Chicago’s Finest
Haste The Day- Mad Man